Madara Cosmetics – first impressions

2017, April

Every time I visit my hometown Riga I try to pick up some Latvian made beauty products. I’d say Madara is probably one of the main Latvian beauty brands and they’re best known for using natural and organically sourced ingredients in their products. I picked up four new items this time and I’ve used them for a couple of days now. So this is what I thought:


Micellar Water (£14.00/100ml) – I use micellar waters as a first step in my makeup removing routine so I always wash it off with my second cleanse product. This is definitely one of those micellar waters that is trying to be more of a skincare item rather than a makeup remover. It’s actually not that great at removing makeup at all, quite a lot of effort was required to get my mascara off. I do appreciate the added benefits of hyaluronic acid and aloe vera and the icy fresh smell. If this was marketed as a tonner my opinion would be very different. Unfortunately as a makeup removing micellar water it’s completely useless.

Infusion Vert Moisture Soap (£10.00/300ml) – this actually ended up being my favourite of the bunch. It’s such a very gentle soapy gel with a herbal/meadow-like smell. There is no SLS in this so don’t expect this to lather much. It feels very quenching and refreshing on the skin and I imagine it would be great for hot summer evenings or after a workout. Big thumbs up from me.

Cloudberry & Oat Hydrating Lotion (£11.00/100ml) – this is actually part of their Baby&Kids range and I picked it up mainly because I’ve used their Cloudberry & Oat Milk Solid Soap in the past and I love the smell of that! This smells quite different, though, – it’s very sweet and sugary and for that reason alone there is no way I would use it on my baby daughter. For myself, however, this turned out to be a very nice lotion – it left my skin feeling very soft and smooth.

Daily Defence Cream (£15.00/60ml) – I have read so many rave reviews on this and it has been marketed as an absolute miracle cream so I was very excited to finally try it. I like the fragrance – again, they’ve used a cloudberry and sea buckthorn oils which I seem so attracted to. It work’s great as a hand cream – it’s quite heavy duty but it doesn’t leave your hands feeling overly greasy. 60ml tube is not going to get you very far if you use it on your body. The texture is too light to use on the lips and because of the strong fragrance I would be cautious about putting this on my face. So really – they need to drop the multi action claims and re-market this as a hand cream (especially since Madara’s Protecting Hand Cream isn’t actually that nice).

Have you tried any products from Madara? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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