Stenders Cosmetics – first impressions

2017, May

I talked about one of my favourite Latvian beauty brands Madara Cosmetics last week (you can read my full review HERE). Another favourite of mine is Stenders Cosmetics. Something that always comes to mind when I think about Stenders is bath-bombs. It was all the craze 10-15 years ago and back then they were pretty much the only bath products I used. But Stenders does so much more now – there are beautiful bodycare, skincare and even suncare products available from the brand. This time I picked up four products:


Coffee Cream Lip Balm (£5.40/4.8g) – it definitely smells a lot more like a cream than coffee and smell only lasts for a couple of minutes once you apply the balm so the fragrance isn’t an overpowering one. The lip balm itself applies like butter – it’s very, very soft and glides effortlessly on the lips – I could happily just sit there and apply this all day. The thing is, though, – it doesn’t really absorb. It will stay on your lips and protect them while it’s on but once it comes of your lips will go back to their original state. So it’s not really a lip treatment product. It’s still very nice, though. The packaging is small and lightweight so it a great one to pop in a handbag or a travel makeup bag.

Apple Blossom Hand Cream (£5.90/25ml) – I was very interested to find out how this smells because there isn’t really a particular smell that I associate with apple blossoms. Turns out it’s very sweet and floral and a tad bitter and earthy and I absolutely love it! It’s just perfect for this time of year! The hand cream itself is pretty light and absorbs quite quickly. It’s not your heavy duty every day hand cream in terms of what it does to your skin. And since you only get 25ml per tube you will probably want to keep it as a special treat anyway.

Seaberry Nourishing Body Cream (£19.90/200g) – I haven’t really seen sea buckthorn used by any of the international mainstream brands but it’s widely used in Latvia both as a skincare and a food ingredient. The Stenders Seaberry line encapsulates the smell of the berry beautifully – it’s fruity, citrusy and very sweet at the same time. The texture of the cream is quite thick but it’s very easy to apply and it absorbs quickly. It didn’t do anything above and beyond of what a generic body moisturiser can do and the smell didn’t last all that long so it’s more of a shower/bath experience product. I used it with the Seaberry Softening Shower Oil (£14.90/245ml) and had a bit of a Herbal Essences moment. These two products just make me so happy to shower and to moisturise my body.  If you use the shower oil on it’s own the fragrance won’t lasts beyond the bathroom door so you don’t have to worry about it messing with your perfume.

Have you tried anything from the Stenders? Any product recommendations?

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