Viseart Minx palette

2017, June

IMG_2044.jpgViseart palette has always been a bit of bucket list beauty item for me. I don’t really use eyeshadows that much to ever be able to justify spending £64 on a palette. The big palettes also look a bit intimidating – I’ve always felt that you have to be a make-up artist to get the full potential out of the 12 shades. A six-pann, on the other hand, seemed a lot more manageable. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to only one palette since all the shades in the smaller size palettes are so beautifully selected (currently they are available in five colour-ways). In the end I went for the Minx Theory Palette (£36.00) because I’m still very much in-to that rusty eyeshadow trend – it just suits my green eyes so well!

The pigmentation of these is insane! The shades look just as pigmented on your eyelids as they do in the pan. They almost become alive when you dip the brush in the pans and you can see this extra layer of vibrancy. Three out of the six shades look matt but only one of them is a true matt (the top left). The other two are slightly satiny and have this almost duo chromatic sheen. The powders blend beautifully so you don’t have to be worried that the pigmentation will be too intense. The packaging is very light and small and all the pans are removable so you can mix and match your shades. I’m so, so happy that I finally picked this up – it’s absolutely perfect and I can’t recommend it enough. So worth the money!

What is your favourite eyeshadow palette?

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