Rodin Billie on the Bike Lipstick and Lipliner

2017, July

Even I’m interested to see how I’ll manage to justify this one. It’s by far my priciest lip-colour purchase. The only other extortionately expensive lipstick I own is Tom Ford’s Lip Colour in Pink Dusk (£40.00) which I bought for my wedding day and it’s a beautiful neutral colour so I can wear it anytime anywhere. Rodin’s offering, however, is a very out there shade. And I’m not even a massive bright lipstick wearer. I totally blame Eva in the City for this purchase. She pretty much has mentioned Linda Rodin and her beauty line in every single video for the last three months.

The backstory aside I’m sure you’re more interested to find out what I think about the actual products. I’ll start with the Luxury Lip Pencil (£25.00) – it’s fairly dry and hard so it takes some effort to draw in the lips. It has a matte finish and despite being such a vibrant colour on it’s own it looks a bit flat. Lip Wardrobe Lipstick (£28.00) on the other hand is a whole different story – the texture is very buttery and creamy. It’s super pigmented and although it doesn’t come up as dark as it looks in the bullet there is still quite a lot of very noticeable blue and violet undertones. Together with the lip-liner it creates incredible depth and dimension. Safe to say I don’t own any lip-colours in this shade (could that serve as a justification?). It makes the lips look shiny, juicy and plump. There is no bleeding outside the lip-line, it’s seriously long lasting and there is a hint of a jasmine like scent to it. I really like the combo. Am I a bright lip convert? – that might take a bit longer but it’s certainly been a very encouraging start.

I feel like I also need to mention the packaging. It’s very simple and clean. This is what I imagine the packaging would look like if Celine had a beauty line. With the lid on the lipstick looks beautiful – like it’s been encased in an intricate piece of crystal. Once you take the lid of, however, it looses some of it’s magic – it’s a bit square and plasticky.

Would I recommend the products? If you love bright lips and have the budget for it you should definitely get these, you won’t be disappointed. They come if five different coulor-ways.

What is your bravest lipstick?

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