Real Techniques PowderBleu Brushes

2017, July

When the original Real Techniques brushes hit the shelves it was a bit of a makeup revolution. Great quality, affordable brushes became accessible to everyone. The range has seen some very useful additions and limited addition sets over the years. I own a fair few of the Real Techniques brushes and use them regularly. I know that for me they completely changed the makeup application game.

The new PowderBleu line caught my eye almost instantly. I much prefer powder products to creams so brushes that have been created specifically for application of powders sounded right up my street. I also can’t deny that it was a visual thing for me – I think the combination of the black and the dark blue just looks so luxe.


But do they work? Yes, yes and yes!!! I picked up the Soft Complexion Brush (£22.00) to use for blush and the Soft Finishing Brush (£22.00) to apply highlighter. Both brushes are absolutely fantastic – they pick up powder products so well and they distribute the product on the face very seamlessly. Bristles of the Complexion brush are more densely packed so it’s also great for buffing and blending. I don’t really wear mineral foundation but if I did this would be the brush I would want to use to apply it.

The Finishing brush is the perfect size – not too big and not too small so it applies just the right amount of highlighter. It’s also great for applying powder on-to the under-eye area. I really don’t have anything bad to say about these. I’ve been so impressed that I’m planning on picking up the Soft Powder Brush (£22.00) and the Plush Powder Puff (£12.00) as well.

The line also includes the Soft Shadow Brush (£15.00) and the Soft Kabuki Brush (£25.00) and if they’re anything like the other two brushes that I’ve tried they’ll be amazing.

Have you tried any of the PowderBleu Brushes? What did you think?

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