Skincare Update – December 2017

2017, December

So I’m back! There have been some big changes in the last few weeks. I am no longer a proud Londoner. I am now Melbourne based. It comes with certain cons and pros as far as my beauty journey goes. Main perk is probably the fact that I now live only 15 minutes from a Sephora store! Don’t get too excited! It’s not the magical all-beauty-brands-you-can-imagine wonderland that is US Sephora, but it’s pretty good. I’m already stalking the Mecca Beauty website pretty much on daily basis (I suspect this will be of a great help to fill my Space NK void and then some). And if I really can’t satisfy all my beauty shopping needs locally there is always the good old Cult Beauty which shops internationally.

This post is long overdue and is a bit of a last minute affair because the newest Cult Beauty x Caroline Hirons Box of Dreams went on sale only a few hours ago. I so stayed up way past my bedtime to get my order in!!! I used to think people were crazy for doing that. Turns out it’s not that crazy at all. So there will be some newcomers joining my skincare shelf very shortly and depending on how long the delivery takes I’m hoping to get a review up very soon. For now, though, these are the stars of the show (three of which are actually from previous CBxCH boxes!):


Tata Harper Restorative Eye Crème (£86.00/15ml) –  a real game changer! I mean – forget the painkillers, this is what you should be given when you leave hospital after having a baby. I am on my second bottle and I always keep a back-up handy because I just never want to be without it. I got it in CBxCH box earlier this year so it was somewhat easier to bite the bullet but even at full price this is worth every penny. It got rid of all the tiny and not so tiny dehydration lines around my eyes pretty much instantly. It has also helped to brighten my under eyes which I had started to think was a lost cause (so now I can really pretend the last 30 years never happened. Yay!). The texture is a cream gel and it absorbs quite quickly (it will sting, if it gets in your eyes, however). It’s housed in a beautiful glass bottle with a handy pump that delivers quite a generous amount of product.

Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser ($84.00/100ml) – this is everything I hoped Oskia’s Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£31.00/100ml) to be. It’s a bit sticky and honey-like in texture to start with, but it very quickly thins out in to a beautiful oil cleanser. It wipes away all traces of makeup but still feels nice and gentle on the skin. Best part, though, – it actually emulsifies so there is no need to use a cloth to remove it, which certainly saves some time. Packaging is very clean, simple and great for traveling. The smell is not overly strong, maybe a bit juniper-like, but even that does not linger for long.

Zelens 3t Complex Essential Anti-Aging Cream (£95.00/50ml) – this is lovely to use and I really can’t find any faults with this product (other than price, of course). It’s just a very straight forward and simple texture (no funny stickiness or greasiness), gentle fragrance and no fuss packaging. I’m not really in the market for anti ageing products so I can’t testify as to it’s anti-ageing properties, but it definitely works well for my dehydrated skin and doesn’t mess with any of the products I put on top (makeup, sunscreen). I would happily repurchase.

Zelens Provitamin D Treatment Drops (£110.00/30ml) – so I’m bit on the fence with this one. Given the price I was expecting to see a bit more. It’s one of those non greasy face oil type products (still a bit greasy for me to use under makeup, so I only use it for my nigh-time routine). It’s not bad and I really can’t report any major skincare concerns so it might be that it’s just a bit wasted on me because it is supposed to be a real skincare powerhouse. At this stage, however, I’m unlikely to repurchase and I’m definitely a bit cautious to recommend.

Hope this was helpful. I will try to keep the posts more regular from now on.

P.S. I would really appreciate tips from any Australian based followers on the best places to shop for beauty products.

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