Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in Pin Up Pink

March 2018

I started drafting this post a few months back so it’s probably a little less relevant now, however, I decided to still go ahead and post it. Even though I never really warmed up to the idea of matte liquid lipsticks I was very excited about this launch because I pretty much adore every single product I have tried from the Charlotte Tilbury range. If I had to limit myself to buying only one make-up brand for the rest of my life I would be more than happy for that brand to be Charlotte Tilbury.


A word of warning on these – you should only buy after trying the shades in person. For some reason they look nothing like the photos on the website (and you will notice it is a common trend in the reviews) so I ended up with a completely different shade than the one I went in to buy initially. The shades are also extremely similar to one another with just slight variations in undertones that can really only be detected in person. The shade I went for in the end – Pin Up Pink, for example, is described as ‘shimmery coral pink’ and the picture on the website looks pretty darn pink. In real life it’s more of a dusky muted red. It also looks much darker on the lips than it does in the tube.

Shade issues aside the formula itself is quite unique as far as liquid mattes go – creamy is definitely the first thing that comes to mind. Think a much more pigmented NXY Soft Matte Cream. It’s also set and matte pretty much from the get go so there is no waiting around for it to dry (which can sometimes come with an annoying shade change). It still feels like a lipstick once applied but just a bit more powdery if that makes sense. Unlike other matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried this one doesn’t completely zap the moisture out of your lips but there is still some slight dryness. The staying power is what you would expected from a liquid matte – quite a few hours before you need to touch up (and that’s with meals in between).

All in all I’m glad I picked it up but it’s unlikely I will go back for another shade. As comfortable as it is I still think Charlotte’s Revolution Matte lipstick formula is far more superior. Hollywood Lips come in a total of 11 shades and they are AUD 49.00/£24.00 each.

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