Current Favourites – February 2019


Since I’m doing a no-buy this year most of my current beauty favourites are a bit of a re-discovery products. I have had all of these in my collection for at least a few months now but I just haven’t had the willingness to actually use them. There has always been something newer and more exciting that has taken over. Now, however, I have no excuses to push these aside and as a result I have discovered some real gems.


Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment (£16.00/15g) – probably the biggest surprise of the year so far. I have used some Glamglow products in the past and from what I can remember I wasn’t overly impressed so I was in no rush to use this mask. It does say ‘hydrating’, thought, which is something I always seem to want to have more of. I had a pretty intense ‘burning’ sensation when I first applied this (I suspect it’s due to the ginger being one of the ingredients). I didn’t think this would hydrate my skin in the slightest since hydration is something that usually feels quite comfortable and this did not feel comfortable at all. But I was wrong, oh so wrong! Once the burning passed my skin was left feeling smooth and supple. It’s now a product that I can’t wait to have on my face again.

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Lipstick (£22.00) – even though it looks like a bit of a gimmick it actually is a superb lip product! This is everything every ‘my lips but better’ lip product has ever promised to be – slightly enhances my natural lip colour, gives my lips a good level of shine and feels very comfortable. There’s no patchiness or stickiness and it’s housed in a very nifty lightweight casing. Now only if they brought back the gloss version!

Hourglass brushes – very expensive but I reckon if I added up what I’ve spent over the years trying to find cheaper alternatives the Hourglass brushes would seem quite reasonable. I have the No.1 (£59.00) (I use to apply both pressed and loose powders all over my face) and the No.2 (£53.00) (I use for powder blushes). I have never once been disappointed with these and the application is always exactly what I expect. I’ve now got my eye on the No.3 (all over shadow), No.4 (crease) and No.9 (domed shadow) to ace my eye-shadow game!

Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara (full size £22.00) – Now I’ve got very high standards when it comes to mascaras! Give me all the volume and length, I’ve got no time for those ‘no makeup makeup’ mascaras. I want something that basically looks like fake lashes, every single time. This does exactly that. Definitely worth a repurchase.

Diptique Do Son EDP (AUD 227.00/75ml) – one that I would definitely describe as a winter scent. I moved to Australia just over a year ago and the fact that the seasons are the other way around is still something I haven’t quite got my head around. So my hand automatically reached for this. Who knew it also works well in the middle of summer. (It would work better in that crisp winter air to bring the full potential out of this, but hey-ho!) Tuberose is the dominating note and it’s fairly heavy (in a good way) and lasting scent. A less sophisticated version would be the original Gucci Bloom.

So there it is – my current favourites round up. What have you been loving lately?

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