My No Buy Year 2019 – Three Month Check In

2019, April 2019

2FB85FB0-E5CE-448C-A2A6-E0AFECAC93C7Last of the no buy posts (have a look at my wishlist HERE and the list of things I have bought HERE) is an overall roundup of my experience so far.

It definitely started on a high – in January it was all fresh and exciting, it was an interesting project to concentrate on. The time flew and the whole thing didn’t seem that difficult at all.

In February I was a little bit more tempted to buy, but I actually had decided not to buy a single beauty or clothing related item for the whole month – including repurchases (since I knew I wasn’t going to run out of anything). Having a dedicated page in my calendar and crossing out days one by one was definitely helpful. And so I kept my ground for another month.

At the beginning of March I felt like I didn’t want to buy anything because I just didn’t want to ruin my perfect record. Until I went through a few emotionally quite taxing days and I was just itching to make a purchase, any purchase! There was that little voice in my head whispering “common on now, you’ve had an absolutely horrendous day, just treat yourself”. This actually made me realise just how closely connected my buying habits and changes in my emotional state are. Thinking back it’s definitely very true – emotionally last year was by far the worst year of my life and coincidentally it was also the year I spent the most money on buying things. I mean – off the charts spending! So that is something I will definitely address in the coming months. Now that I have identified the triggers I just need to come up with a better strategy to deal with these situations. All in all – March has been hard, but I do feel I’m getting back on top of things and I’m hoping for a much better April.

I’ve mentioned wishlists before, but they really do work for me. I am surprised by how quickly things rotate in and out – there are items I would delete just hours after placing them at the top of my must buy list. As a result I have become a bit more selective when it comes to placing things on my wishlist in the first place. I have also become a bit wishlist obsessed spending more time than I would like to on perfecting my selections. Again – something I can improve on.

I do think I have become better at instinctively knowing what I will end up purchasing once my no buy is over and what will just not work for me. If I feel any hesitation or if I have to find reasons to convince myself to like something I know it’s not right and move on. It has also inspired me to declutter my collection because I can now very clearly hone in on things that should never have been there in the first place.

So far I have used up a whopping 26 items across the board, but I haven’t had to repurchase any. I still have at least one item in each category which has made me realise just how unnecessarily big my collection is. I have also discovered some absolute gems in my current collection and most times when I see something new and shiny I go back to the things I already own and I’m able find something very similar.

I have been able to carve out a bit more time to spend on other things like reading and just relaxing but I’m still not where I was hoping to be, but then there’s another nine month to go. And that’s the thing – it will take time to fix something I  have ignored for so long. I just hope a year is enough.

If you are also doing a no buy let me know in the comments below how it’s been going for you.

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