Low buy October (2020 edition)


How about we (I) try again (for what feels like a thousand time). Same old rules, same old goals.

A post on why a low buy is more of a sweet spot for me as opposed to a now buy is coming (I owe it mostly to myself to set it right in an organised and easily digestible way). For now though, let’s get the current task going.

Here I am – at the beginning of the last quarter of what feels like the strangest year ever. For me personally it has wreaked all types of havoc when it comes to my spending habits. I am at a much better place than I was, say, even just two years ago, but still – I had expected to have done better than this. So I’ll try again. I’m not banning all shopping, that doesn’t work for me. I’ll be keeping it minimal. There are some holiday releases heading our way and I have given myself a permission to dabble in some of those, so we’ll see. As always I’ll be focusing on two of the most problematic areas of my overspending – beauty and fashion. I can do it!

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