The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Range

2017, February


The latest addition to The Body Shop’s body care range is geared towards those with dry and sensitive skin. I’ve got the mini sizes of the body butter and the shower cream to try and see how I get on before committing to full size products.

First off – can I just say – I think they’ve done a very good job with the packaging, the white bottles and tubs look so clean and fresh! The scent is very unique – it’s quite sweet yet comforting. It’s a scent you would typically expect from a product branded under the milk & honey family but much more crisp with almost floral notes. I enjoy it so much more than I thought I would! As for the products themselves – they’re the same lovely creamy formulas that The Body Shop is known for. I wouldn’t necessarily say that these are better for dry and sensitive skin than their other ranges. I find that most of The Body Shop’s products are quite rich and mouisturising, especially if we’re talking body butters.

Would I purchase the full sizes? It’s definitely up there as one of my favourite ranges from The Body Shop. I would buy the shower cream but might go for the body lotion instead of the body butter next time round as I think a lighter formula would work better in spring/summer months. It’s definitely worth having a sniff next time you pass one of their stores.

Products available in the Almond Milk & Honey range:

Shower Cream (£2.00/60ml or £5.00/250ml)

Cream Scrub (£15.00/250ml)

Body Butter (£6.00/50ml or £15.00/200ml)

Body Lotion (£8.50/200ml)

Hand Cream (£4.00/30ml)

Soap (£4.00/100g)

Bath Milk (£12.00/400ml)

Travel Size Selection (£6.00)

Essential Selection (£18.00)

Premium Selection (£28.00)

Have you tried anything from the Almond Milk & Honey range? Which is your favourite fragrance family from The Body Shop?

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Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection

2017, February

I’ve realised that I actually own a fair few of the Charlotte Tilbury products and I use them quite regularly. I thought it might be interesting to do a quick roundup of my collection and let you guys know what I think of the products.

IMG_0130.JPGR-L: Luxury Palettes in The Dolce Vita and The Golden Goddess

First up – the Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes. I’ve got two of these in my collection – The Golden Goddess and The Dolce Vita (£39.00 each). I really like how there is an easy to follow guide on the back of each palette explaining the way and the order in which you should apply the different shades. I would say that the pigmentation is somewhere in the middle which actually works out  perfectly – the shades are not chalky so they do show up but they’re not so pigmented that you need to worry about overdoing it. Out of the two I probably use The Dolce Vita a bit more just because I like that whole rusty eye makeup look but they are both very beautiful and easy to work with shade combinations. All Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palettes have a shimmery pressed pigment type of shade included to be used as a final step which I haven’t seen anywhere else. I always use it as a topper to make to give that little bit extra to my makeup look.

The Classic Eyeliner in Sophia (£16.00) is probably my least favourite product of the bunch. It’s a pretty shade, it’s soft and easy to apply, it doesn’t drag on your eyelids, it’s easy to blend, but it has no staying power whatsoever. This will be completely gone within a few hours and re-applying an eyeliner can be very messy so not something I use if I need my makeup to stay put all day.

Colour Chameleon in Amethyst Aphrodisiac (£19.00) is a chunky eyeliner/eyeshadow stick with tiny silver glitter particles running through. The shade is specifically designed to complement green eyes which is does. It applys quite creamy but it doesn’t take long to set so you have to be quick if you want to blend. The staying power is not great, after a few hours wear you won’t see much of the purple pigment. The glittery bits, on the other hand, will stay put until the end of the day. You will probably want to use an eyeshadow primer with this to improve the wear time.

img_1092Top to bottom: Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk, Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Stoned Rose, Lip Lustre in Ibiza nights

For me lip products is where it’s really at when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury. I currently own two of their lipsticks (but there might be a few more joining my collection very shortly – scroll down to see my Wishlist). Stoned Rose (£24.00) is from their K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick range. It’s really creamy to apply and it feels very comfortable on the lips. The staying power is decent enough, similar to other high end lipsticks. The shade itself is a very unique beautiful light brick red with nude undertones and it suits any makeup look. Bond Girl (£24.00) is one of their Matte Revolution lipsticks. It’s not an intense matte so it won’t look dry on your lips. It actually feels very light and comfortable. Pigmentation is excellent so you only need to apply a thin layer to get full colour saturation. Staying power is pretty impressive, it lasts through a coffee break with only a minimal transfer. After a few hours of wear it can start feeling a bit dry but it’s not overly uncomfortable. The shade itself (purply brown) is slightly more evening appropriate but I quite often wear it during the daytime too.

Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (£16.00) is an iconic Charlotte Tilbury product and must be an absolute bestseller. And it really is a bit of a magic product. The shade is a tad darker than my natural lip colour but it still looks very natural so I can get away with slightly overdrawing my lipline which I guess is the whole point of this product. It’s quite creamy and soft to apply but the finish is matte. It reminds me a lot of the Matte Revolution lipsticks just in a pencil format. My favourite way to wear this is to fill in the whole lip and top it with a clear lipbalm. The shade was actually released in a lipstick format a few weeks ago and I’m really looking forward to trying it out!!

Lip Lustre in Ibiza Nights (£16.50) really is just a clear lipgloss with some gold shimmer. Would I buy it as a stand alone product? Probably not (it was included in the Golden Goddess Box). Am I happy that I own it and do I enjoy using it? Definitely. What I like most about this product is the formula – it’s not overly sticky and it actually has a quite decent staying power for a lipgloss. Once the initial wet gloss is gone the beautiful shimmer particles still remain on the lips without making them look or feel dry.


Wonderglow Face Primer (£38.50/40ml) is a recent rediscovery in my collection. It’s perfect for those long grim winter days to inject some glow back in your lacklustre complexion. The product can look a bit shimmery when you first squeeze it out of the tube but it blends out nicely. I like to use it under a tinted moisturiser to get my skin looking a bit more alive and a bit more luminous.

Cheek to Chic in Ecstasy (£30.00) is super versatile, would look good on anyone-anytime shade. It’s one of my favourite blushers! I can go for weeks using just this. It looks very natural, it’s easy to blend and it lasts all day. It has a lovely satin shimmer finish that is just beautiful. It’s everything a blusher should be! If you only buy one thing from the brand make it this one!!

Instant Look in a Palette in Natural Beauty (£49.00) is the most recent addition to my collection. It’s now my go to travel makeup palette. I love the concept – everything you need is nicely prepackaged in one sleek palette. The shades complement each other beautifully and you don’t need to spend any time deciding what goes whit what so half of the job is already done for you. It’s perfect for anytime-anywhere appropriate makeup looks.

And that rounds up my current collection! Charlotte Tilbury is truly one of the most beautiful and well thought out beauty brands. It somehow seems less intimidating than other high end brands and even if you’re a makeup novice it’s very easy to navigate and select products that will best suit your complexion. I find the way that the products are displayed and categorised on the brand’s website and at their counters is very helpful. It feels like their not just trying to sell you random stuff, instead the products are actually designed to help with your personal makeup needs whatever they might be.

On my Wishlist – Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask (available in March), Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder, Matte Revolution Lipsticks in Pillow Talk and Glastonberry, Hot Lips Lipstick in Secret Salma and K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Bitch Perfect.

I would love to hear about your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products – leave a comment below.

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All Time Favourite Top 5 Beauty Products

2017, February

So these are my beauty product loves. I’ve been using all of these products for several years and I can’t imagine my beauty routine without them. If for some reason all my beauty products disappeared (please don’t!) these are the ones I would repurchase no questions asked. And what better day to talk about these products than the Valentine’s day 🙂


Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Radiant Fluid Foundation SPF 15 (£33.00/30ml) – This has been my favourite foundation for six years and counting. I do occasionally get swayed by new foundation launches but I always go back to this. It’s still the best and I haven’t found anything that comes even close. It just melts in-to my skin and is the most undetectable base I have ever used. It evens out my skin tone and covers all the imperfections. It doesn’t cling to dry patches and doesn’t make my complexion look greasy. The shade match (I wear #020) is absolutely perfect. It’s my instant pick-me-up makeup product and it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing makeup when I’ve got this on.

Vichy Deodorant 48 Hour Intensive Anti-Perspirant Roll On (£8.50/50ml) – Ok, granted, this will not work if you’re having a supper sweaty gym session, but for your average day-to-day activities it’s perfect. I’ve got quite sensitive underarms that can easily get dry and irritated. Not when I use this, though. It has a very nice not-in-your-face fresh scent and I find it dries pretty quickly. It’s pricey for a deodorant but it wears so comfortably that it’s worth every penny.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Melting Eyeshadow (£29.00) – Best. Eyeshadows. Ever. I hope I can do these justice because it’s hard to find words to explain just how good these are! The size of the eyeshadow stick is perfect to easily cover the whole eyelid or to do a more targeted application. It’s super easy to blend and once it sets it does not move until you want it to. Having said that you don’t need to use any special makeup removers to take this off, any standard cleanser will do. It will last you ages even if you use it every day. The packaging is super sleek and it’s great for traveling. The two shades I’ve got are Misty Rock and Bronze Moon the former being a more shimmery number. Both are so easy to wear and they look beautiful with any makeup look. I love, love, love these!

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap (£18.50/240ml) – I normally don’t like leave in haircare products because they all seem to make my hair greasy or sticky. Except this. This doesn’t leave any residue on my hair yet it makes my hair much easier to brush. My hair is soft and smooth once it’s dry. It has a consistency of a watery cream and it absorbs instantly. It also protects hair from heat damage so there is no need for an additional product. I’ve gone through multiple bottles of this and I use it every time I wash my hair.

Beautyblender Micro Mini (£14.50/pair) – I tend to apply my foundation with fingers most days so I very rarely use my regular size Beautyblender. When it comes to concealer it’s much trickier, though. And that’s where these babies come in – they are perfect for blending concealer in areas where more precision is needed (around my nose un under the eyes). They work best damp so you need to get them ready before you start applying your makeup. I use these every single day and they make such a difference to the overall appearance of my base makeup.

What are some of your all time favourite beauty products?

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