Top 3 Nail Polishes for Spring

2017, March

I’m not someone who adheres to strict rules when it comes to makeup but I definitely agree that some colours suit particular seasons better than others. When it comes to nails I always play it fairly safe so my top picks this spring are all very classic and versatile.


Essie Limo-scene (£7.99/13.5ml) – I’ve never been able to get the white nail trend right, on me it looks like straight up corrector nails. This, however, has some beige pink in it and it’s quite sheer even with multiple coats so it’s much more wearable.

Mavala Smokey Blue (£4.75/5ml) – as soon as I saw this I wanted to wear it. It’s the most beautiful greyish blue nail polish I’ve ever seen. It has some teeny-weeny blue shimmer particles running through which makes it even more special (I really tried to get the shimmer to show up in the picture but it just wouldn’t work, sorry for that guys).

Chanel Rose Confidentiel (£18.00/13ml) – a beautiful muted fleshy rose that looks just so chic. It’s one of those can’t-go-wrong shades that will suit any outfit.

What nail polish colours will you be rocking this season?

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Top 3 Lip Products for Spring

2017, March

These are my favourite lip products for spring. There’s one for every mood and occasion.


Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour #34 La Raffinée (£26.00) – If you’re not quite ready to part with your winter berries this is a great alternative for spring. It has some pink mixed in so it’s less edgy. It definitely wins in terms of packaging – the Chanel click mechanism just feels so luxe! It’s very comfortable on the lips and you only need to apply a thin layer for a full colour saturation. It’s not as long lasting as you might expect, but if you’re careful you’ll get good 2-3 hours of wear.

L’Oreal Infallible Sexy Balm #103 As If (£4.99) – A shinny, juicy balm with a lovely fruity fragrance. It’s a pinky nude shade that will suit most complexions. Great one to pop in your handbag and apply on the go. It’s such a happy product! The only thing I’m not too keen on is the name. Sexy Balm? Really?

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick in #228 VIP (£6.99) – This one just screams spring! I’m genuinely excited thinking it’s almost time to wear this lipstick again. It’s such a beautiful bright red pink with a hint of orange that looks neon bright on the lips. It’s perfect for those sunny spring days. Pigmentation is excellent and it’s more of a satin mate so it feels very comfortable on the lips.

What are your favourite lip products for spring?

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Clarisonic Mia 2 v. Foreo Luna Play

2017, March


I’ve been using the Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System (£120.00) on and off for about two years now and I’ve always been a massive fan. When the Foreo Luna Face Scrub Brush & Anti-ageing Device (£129.00) came out I was a bit sceptical since I like the Clarisonic so much. I wasn’t sure whether the Foreo would top the Clarisonic and I didn’t want to invest in a full size device just to compare the two. The Foreo Luna Play (£29.00), however, is much more afordable so I decided to test the travel version first. I’ve used it for about six weeks now so I’ve got a pretty good idea on which one I prefer.

I do realise that this comparison is not completely fair since I’m not comparing full size devices but I’m trying to be as objective as possible. If I hadn’t already had the Clarisonic I’m pretty sure I would have bought the Foreo because it just makes much more sense – the price is pretty much the same, Foreo is easier to clean and you don’t have to repurchase a new brush head every few months like you do with the Clarisonic. The Foreo also needs to be charged less frequently. However, I’m so glad I went for the Clarisonic because my skin responds to it so much better than it does with Foreo. I use the Cashmere Cleanse Brush Head  (£25.00) – the Sensitive Brush Head (£21.00) that was originally included with my device was a bit too harsh. I like how easy it is to alternate between different cleansing needs when you use Clarisonic – you just pop on a new brush head. If you want the Foreo to suit different skincare needs you need to buy a whole new device so Clarisonic is definitely more flexible.

Something I noticed straight away with the Foreo was that it dried my skin and I’m not really sure why, it just doesn’t make much sense for a device to be doing that. I initially used it with the Foreo Celestial Melting gel (Night Cleanser) (£35.00 for a set) and I was convinced it was the cleanser that was drying my skin. But the same thing happened when I used it with the Lancome Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser (£23.00/125ml) which has never made my skin dry in the past. It might be that I need a different Foreo device and I don’t think the travel versions differ in terms of the skin type suitability but at the moment given my experience I wouldn’t go for a full size Foreo device.

The travel version also doesn’t have a set cycle to tell you it’s time to move on to the next area of your face but from what I understand you do get that setting with a full version device. A full version Foreo also has two speed options instead of just one so both full version devices are identical when it comes to set speeds and cleansing cycles.

Yes, the Clarisonic requires a continuous investment because you will need to buy new brush heads but for me it’s worth it. I also understand how it can be inconvenient because you have to charge the Clarisonis much more frequently and it takes 24 hours to complete a full charge but it doesn’t really bother me that much. You just plug it in and leave it, it’s not like you’re required to do anything else while it’s charging.

There is no argument that the Foreo Play wins in terms of the size – it is much more travel friendly and that’s what I will use it for from now one. I will go back to the Clarisonic for an everyday use at home.

I hope this was helpful if you’re thinking about buying one of these.

Have you tried any cleansing devices? Which one is your favourite?

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Unnecessary beauty products


One of the things I’m focusing on this year beauty-wise is reducing my beauty product stash and I will talk about this in more detail next month. Today I wanted to tell you about some of the products I never find myself reaching for and there is really no need for me to have these in my collection. I do appreciate this post might make me sound very lazy but I’ve always been a big fan of multitasking and I find other products I already use can easily cover all the steps mentioned below.


Body oils – I used to think these were a luxurious treat for special occasions only so it kind of made sense that all my body oil bottles were pretty much untouched. I’ve now realised the special occasion thing was just an excuse and I actually really don’t like using body oils. The application is messy and I always end up spilling the oil on the bathroom floor which then needs to be cleaned up. They also take ages to absorb regardless of how dry they’re claiming to be. I really just prefer a standard body lotion or a body cream to moisturise my skin.

Solid body butters – see above, except they’re even messier.

Body scrubs – first off – there are not that many good body scrubs on the market anyway, most leave a greasy film on your skin or are way to harsh and scratchy. I use a bath lily most days and if I ever do need some extra exfoliation (I get that feeling once every few months) I just pop on a pair of shower gloves.

Hair masks – I’m lucky enough to have a pretty healthy looking hair so most of the time a decent conditioner does the trick and I don’t need any additional treatments. A proper hair mask is just too much of a faff for me – you usually need to keep them in for good 10 – 20 mins and I just don’t have the patience for that.

Hair oils/serums – most of the ones that I’ve tried leave my hair feeling quite greasy. It might be that I use too much or use it incorrectly but I have tried different methods (wet hair/dry hair/ends only) and none of them seem to work. I use the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-in Treatment every time I wash my hair and I absolutely love it! Even if I apply too much product it doesn’t leave any residue on my hair and my hair still feels soft and clean.

Cuticle oils – these are lovely to use but I just never, ever reach for them. Most hand creams are now designed to nourish the nails as well as the hands and I use hand creams all the time!

Make-up setting sprays – I’m not a professional make-up artist and most days I don’t need my make up to last for much longer than 5pm mark. I always use a primer under my makeup and I find that works very well at keeping my makeup in place all day. Adding a setting spray just seems a bit over the top. I’d probably use one or the other and I’d have to go for the primer since I’m more familiar with the format.

Foundation brushes – one of the main things I now test whenever I try a new foundation is whether I can apply it with my fingers. Beautyblender is as far as I would go with introducing a beauty tool to apply a foundation since I already use one to apply concealer. I also find Beautyblender is much easier to wash and look after than a brush and it generally gives a nicer overall finish.

What are some of the beauty products/steps you don’t mind skipping?

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Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask and Hydrating Mist

2017, March


The Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask (£1.49) is not a new product per se – these have been on the market since last year, but I’ve never tried a sheet mask before so it was all new and exciting for me. The Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Multi-Protecting Hydrating Mist (£9.99/75ml), however, I haven’t seen in the shops before so I assume this is actually a brand new launch. Both products are quite gimmicky so I went in not really knowing what to expect.

First off the mask – I’ve heard many good things about the Hydra Bomb sheet mask so it seemed like good one to try. The application was mess free (a great bonus) and the mask felt nice and cooling on my skin. After removing the sheet my face was still quite wet with the product. I patted it in and initially it felt a bit sticky but after about 10-15 mins this dried to smooth matte finish. Foundation applied on top very nicely so  it’s definitely not a night-time-only mask. As far as the skincare benefits go Garnier’s claims are quite bold. I can’t tell you whether this actually delivers enough hydration so that you can skip serum for a whole week but it certainly works as a very decent one-off treatment. The sheet masks are sold in single use sachets making these perfect for travel. I’ll definitely be picking up a few more next time I’m at the Boots.

The hydrating mist, however, is a completely different story. On a paper it sounds great – a product that provides hydration, high SPF and anti-pollution benefits all packed in a convenient lightweight spray! I’ve got a few trips planned in the coming months and I was hoping this would be a great travel size product to carry with me and to spritz throughout the day.  The mist clings to the tiniest of hairs making you look like you’re covered in dust. And you need to pat the dusty layer in as this does not absorb and when you do you’re left with this greasy feeling film on your face. If you spray it on top of your makeup you have to be very careful when you pat it in because it your makeup will just roll off. It literarily feels like spraying dry shampoo on you face – it’s just wrong! I wanted to wash it off as soon as I applied it. A total fail! I’ll stick to my regular Avene Thermal Water Spray (£3.00/50ml) for reliable hydration on the go.

How you tried any products from the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb range? How did you get on?

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La Mer x Glossybox UK

2017, March

Ok, so the box itself is no longer available – apparently it sold out in under an hour so well done if you managed to get your hands on one of these limited edition glossies! Nevertheless, I thought it still might be interesting to give you my thoughts on the individual products.

This is more of a first impressions post (since the products are so tiny) and I do appreciate that with skincare you sometimes need a bit more time to see whether it’s working or not. I have, however, used other skincare products in the past and seen instant results so it’s not a completely unrealistic ask, especially when it comes to products with such hefty price tags as these!


Something that I noticed with all La Mer products was the almost non-existent fragrance. It seems like such a simple thing yet it’s actually pretty hard to come by a non-fragranced product these days. Another thing that I noticed – and I’m not sure whether it’s a La Mer thing or it’s more about how my skin reacted to their skincare but I had a slight warming sensation every time I applied one of the products. Nothing too uncomfortable and there were no other side effects, just something that I thought was a bit peculiar.

So now on to the individual products:

The Cleansing Micellar Water (full size £70.00/200ml) – this for me is one of those brains-says-no-but-heart-says-yes products. I only really use micellar waters to remove eye and lip makeup before going in with a more heavy duty cleanser so it seems such a waste to invest in an expensive product. La Mer’s offering is so nice, though! It so gentle and calming and it really feels more like an actual skincare product. If you use micellar waters as your main cleansing step I’d say definitely go for it! Even with how little I use micellar waters in my routine I might buy the full size product and if I do I would use every last drop of it and enjoy every second of it.

The Treatment Lotion (full size £100.00/150ml) / The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum (full size £145.00/30ml) – I have grouped these two together because as far as I understand they both have almost identical function – to hydrate and to help any skincare that you put on top to absorb better and deeper. Both products have very light, liquid textures that soak in very quickly and they don’t interfere with products that you apply on top. I definitely wouldn’t buy or use both and if I had to choose one I would probably go for the serum mainly because it’s a format that I am more familiar with. But even then  – I can’t say that I noticed that much of a difference in my skin to justify the £145.00 price tag. Sure, my skin was in a great condition for the whole week I used the La Mer products, but then it’s been pretty good anyway and I’m not expecting a sudden decline now that I’m back to my usual skincare routine (you can read more about my current routine HERE).

The Eye Concentrate (full size £150.00/15ml) – it’s very nice and hydrating. Is it £150.00 nice? Probably not. Eye creams are very tricky in that it’s difficult to tell whether their working or not until you stop using them. Once I reach the point in my life when it’s time to bring in the big guns I might revisit this eye cream. For the time being, though, I’ll be trying a few cheaper alternatives and I reckon there is a fair chance I’ll find something that works just as well as this product does.

The Intensive Revitalizing Mask (full size £115.00/75ml) – this did not work for me at all. I did no see any hydration whatsoever even when I used it as an overnight treatment. There are much better and much cheaper face masks on the market – try Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (£24.00/100ml) or Lancome Hydra Intense Mask (£33.00/100ml).

Moisturising Cream (from £115.00/30ml) – now, the cult classic. This is the one product that comes to mind when you hear words “La Mer”. It has fairly thick texture but once on your face it melts in and absorbs beautifully. It keeps skin nice and hydrated all day long. I really can’t fault this product – everything about it is great: the application, the fragrance (no-fragrance), the packaging. And it does work! It’s so basic yet so brilliant at the same time! Don’t be surprised if you see a full size product pop up in one of my skincare update post at some point later in the year. One thing to note, however, – if your skin is oily the original formula might feel a bit too rich. Not to worry, though, – the cream is available in four other formulas so you can pick one that best suits your skincare needs.

Have you tried any La Mer products? How do you justify high price tags when you buy beauty products?

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The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Range

2017, February


The latest addition to The Body Shop’s body care range is geared towards those with dry and sensitive skin. I’ve got the mini sizes of the body butter and the shower cream to try and see how I get on before committing to full size products.

First off – can I just say – I think they’ve done a very good job with the packaging, the white bottles and tubs look so clean and fresh! The scent is very unique – it’s quite sweet yet comforting. It’s a scent you would typically expect from a product branded under the milk & honey family but much more crisp with almost floral notes. I enjoy it so much more than I thought I would! As for the products themselves – they’re the same lovely creamy formulas that The Body Shop is known for. I wouldn’t necessarily say that these are better for dry and sensitive skin than their other ranges. I find that most of The Body Shop’s products are quite rich and mouisturising, especially if we’re talking body butters.

Would I purchase the full sizes? It’s definitely up there as one of my favourite ranges from The Body Shop. I would buy the shower cream but might go for the body lotion instead of the body butter next time round as I think a lighter formula would work better in spring/summer months. It’s definitely worth having a sniff next time you pass one of their stores.

Products available in the Almond Milk & Honey range:

Shower Cream (£2.00/60ml or £5.00/250ml)

Cream Scrub (£15.00/250ml)

Body Butter (£6.00/50ml or £15.00/200ml)

Body Lotion (£8.50/200ml)

Hand Cream (£4.00/30ml)

Soap (£4.00/100g)

Bath Milk (£12.00/400ml)

Travel Size Selection (£6.00)

Essential Selection (£18.00)

Premium Selection (£28.00)

Have you tried anything from the Almond Milk & Honey range? Which is your favourite fragrance family from The Body Shop?

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Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection

2017, February

I’ve realised that I actually own a fair few of the Charlotte Tilbury products and I use them quite regularly. I thought it might be interesting to do a quick roundup of my collection and let you guys know what I think of the products.

IMG_0130.JPGR-L: Luxury Palettes in The Dolce Vita and The Golden Goddess

First up – the Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes. I’ve got two of these in my collection – The Golden Goddess and The Dolce Vita (£39.00 each). I really like how there is an easy to follow guide on the back of each palette explaining the way and the order in which you should apply the different shades. I would say that the pigmentation is somewhere in the middle which actually works out  perfectly – the shades are not chalky so they do show up but they’re not so pigmented that you need to worry about overdoing it. Out of the two I probably use The Dolce Vita a bit more just because I like that whole rusty eye makeup look but they are both very beautiful and easy to work with shade combinations. All Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palettes have a shimmery pressed pigment type of shade included to be used as a final step which I haven’t seen anywhere else. I always use it as a topper to make to give that little bit extra to my makeup look.

The Classic Eyeliner in Sophia (£16.00) is probably my least favourite product of the bunch. It’s a pretty shade, it’s soft and easy to apply, it doesn’t drag on your eyelids, it’s easy to blend, but it has no staying power whatsoever. This will be completely gone within a few hours and re-applying an eyeliner can be very messy so not something I use if I need my makeup to stay put all day.

Colour Chameleon in Amethyst Aphrodisiac (£19.00) is a chunky eyeliner/eyeshadow stick with tiny silver glitter particles running through. The shade is specifically designed to complement green eyes which is does. It applys quite creamy but it doesn’t take long to set so you have to be quick if you want to blend. The staying power is not great, after a few hours wear you won’t see much of the purple pigment. The glittery bits, on the other hand, will stay put until the end of the day. You will probably want to use an eyeshadow primer with this to improve the wear time.

img_1092Top to bottom: Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk, Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl, K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Stoned Rose, Lip Lustre in Ibiza nights

For me lip products is where it’s really at when it comes to Charlotte Tilbury. I currently own two of their lipsticks (but there might be a few more joining my collection very shortly – scroll down to see my Wishlist). Stoned Rose (£24.00) is from their K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick range. It’s really creamy to apply and it feels very comfortable on the lips. The staying power is decent enough, similar to other high end lipsticks. The shade itself is a very unique beautiful light brick red with nude undertones and it suits any makeup look. Bond Girl (£24.00) is one of their Matte Revolution lipsticks. It’s not an intense matte so it won’t look dry on your lips. It actually feels very light and comfortable. Pigmentation is excellent so you only need to apply a thin layer to get full colour saturation. Staying power is pretty impressive, it lasts through a coffee break with only a minimal transfer. After a few hours of wear it can start feeling a bit dry but it’s not overly uncomfortable. The shade itself (purply brown) is slightly more evening appropriate but I quite often wear it during the daytime too.

Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk (£16.00) is an iconic Charlotte Tilbury product and must be an absolute bestseller. And it really is a bit of a magic product. The shade is a tad darker than my natural lip colour but it still looks very natural so I can get away with slightly overdrawing my lipline which I guess is the whole point of this product. It’s quite creamy and soft to apply but the finish is matte. It reminds me a lot of the Matte Revolution lipsticks just in a pencil format. My favourite way to wear this is to fill in the whole lip and top it with a clear lipbalm. The shade was actually released in a lipstick format a few weeks ago and I’m really looking forward to trying it out!!

Lip Lustre in Ibiza Nights (£16.50) really is just a clear lipgloss with some gold shimmer. Would I buy it as a stand alone product? Probably not (it was included in the Golden Goddess Box). Am I happy that I own it and do I enjoy using it? Definitely. What I like most about this product is the formula – it’s not overly sticky and it actually has a quite decent staying power for a lipgloss. Once the initial wet gloss is gone the beautiful shimmer particles still remain on the lips without making them look or feel dry.


Wonderglow Face Primer (£38.50/40ml) is a recent rediscovery in my collection. It’s perfect for those long grim winter days to inject some glow back in your lacklustre complexion. The product can look a bit shimmery when you first squeeze it out of the tube but it blends out nicely. I like to use it under a tinted moisturiser to get my skin looking a bit more alive and a bit more luminous.

Cheek to Chic in Ecstasy (£30.00) is super versatile, would look good on anyone-anytime shade. It’s one of my favourite blushers! I can go for weeks using just this. It looks very natural, it’s easy to blend and it lasts all day. It has a lovely satin shimmer finish that is just beautiful. It’s everything a blusher should be! If you only buy one thing from the brand make it this one!!

Instant Look in a Palette in Natural Beauty (£49.00) is the most recent addition to my collection. It’s now my go to travel makeup palette. I love the concept – everything you need is nicely prepackaged in one sleek palette. The shades complement each other beautifully and you don’t need to spend any time deciding what goes whit what so half of the job is already done for you. It’s perfect for anytime-anywhere appropriate makeup looks.

And that rounds up my current collection! Charlotte Tilbury is truly one of the most beautiful and well thought out beauty brands. It somehow seems less intimidating than other high end brands and even if you’re a makeup novice it’s very easy to navigate and select products that will best suit your complexion. I find the way that the products are displayed and categorised on the brand’s website and at their counters is very helpful. It feels like their not just trying to sell you random stuff, instead the products are actually designed to help with your personal makeup needs whatever they might be.

On my Wishlist – Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask (available in March), Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder, Matte Revolution Lipsticks in Pillow Talk and Glastonberry, Hot Lips Lipstick in Secret Salma and K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipstick in Bitch Perfect.

I would love to hear about your favourite Charlotte Tilbury products – leave a comment below.

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All Time Favourite Top 5 Beauty Products

2017, February

So these are my beauty product loves. I’ve been using all of these products for several years and I can’t imagine my beauty routine without them. If for some reason all my beauty products disappeared (please don’t!) these are the ones I would repurchase no questions asked. And what better day to talk about these products than the Valentine’s day 🙂


Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Radiant Fluid Foundation SPF 15 (£33.00/30ml) – This has been my favourite foundation for six years and counting. I do occasionally get swayed by new foundation launches but I always go back to this. It’s still the best and I haven’t found anything that comes even close. It just melts in-to my skin and is the most undetectable base I have ever used. It evens out my skin tone and covers all the imperfections. It doesn’t cling to dry patches and doesn’t make my complexion look greasy. The shade match (I wear #020) is absolutely perfect. It’s my instant pick-me-up makeup product and it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing makeup when I’ve got this on.

Vichy Deodorant 48 Hour Intensive Anti-Perspirant Roll On (£8.50/50ml) – Ok, granted, this will not work if you’re having a supper sweaty gym session, but for your average day-to-day activities it’s perfect. I’ve got quite sensitive underarms that can easily get dry and irritated. Not when I use this, though. It has a very nice not-in-your-face fresh scent and I find it dries pretty quickly. It’s pricey for a deodorant but it wears so comfortably that it’s worth every penny.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar Melting Eyeshadow (£29.00) – Best. Eyeshadows. Ever. I hope I can do these justice because it’s hard to find words to explain just how good these are! The size of the eyeshadow stick is perfect to easily cover the whole eyelid or to do a more targeted application. It’s super easy to blend and once it sets it does not move until you want it to. Having said that you don’t need to use any special makeup removers to take this off, any standard cleanser will do. It will last you ages even if you use it every day. The packaging is super sleek and it’s great for traveling. The two shades I’ve got are Misty Rock and Bronze Moon the former being a more shimmery number. Both are so easy to wear and they look beautiful with any makeup look. I love, love, love these!

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap (£18.50/240ml) – I normally don’t like leave in haircare products because they all seem to make my hair greasy or sticky. Except this. This doesn’t leave any residue on my hair yet it makes my hair much easier to brush. My hair is soft and smooth once it’s dry. It has a consistency of a watery cream and it absorbs instantly. It also protects hair from heat damage so there is no need for an additional product. I’ve gone through multiple bottles of this and I use it every time I wash my hair.

Beautyblender Micro Mini (£14.50/pair) – I tend to apply my foundation with fingers most days so I very rarely use my regular size Beautyblender. When it comes to concealer it’s much trickier, though. And that’s where these babies come in – they are perfect for blending concealer in areas where more precision is needed (around my nose un under the eyes). They work best damp so you need to get them ready before you start applying your makeup. I use these every single day and they make such a difference to the overall appearance of my base makeup.

What are some of your all time favourite beauty products?

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Current Skincare Routine – February 2017


I got the inspiration for this post from Beautybybloggers who used to post a photo of their morning and evening skincare routine every month. I think it’s an excellent way to keep track of the products you’re using and to see whether you repurchase any or not. I am planning to do an updated post every three to four months which is roughly how long it takes me to use up a full size skin care product.

For a reference – my skin is dry combination, I do occasionally get some spots and dry patches, but it’s not a major concern. I am at a point in my life where I’m happy to spend a bit more on a good skincare product but I also don’t feel I need to use any full on anti-ageing products just yet. I’m not a skincare expert by no means. I’m just an average consumer who likes stuff that works. So this is what I’m currently using:



Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser (£54.00/125ml) – I like to use cleansing oils in the morning as I find them very gentle on my skin and there is no need for a very thorough cleanse so it works great. The one I’m currently using has a very nice essential oil spa like smell and it’s very good one if you’re into your face massages. You do have to use a muslin to remove the oil as this will not emulsify so you also get that extra bit exfoliation.

To tone I’m currently using the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist (£48.00/100ml) and I actually enjoy it a lot more that I thought I would. It has a very nice fresh floral scent and the mist is really fine. It feels refreshing an moisturising on the skin. I prefer a facial spray as opposed to a to a traditional toner because I feel that way you’re actually getting more product on your face rather than wasting it all on a cotton pad. I also find it works out quite well price-wise as it takes me good four months to use up a 100ml bottle (I used to go through a 200ml bottle of a traditional toner every month).

BareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion (£45.00/50ml) – I discovered this product a few months back. It has very watery consistency and doesn’t really have any scent so it’s pretty much undetectable on the skin. I find this helps to keep my skin smooth and soft and it doesn’t interfere with other skincare and makeup that I use on top of it.

Madara Smart Antioxidants Fine Line Minimising Cream (€35.00/50ml) – there’s really not much to say about this one. It’s not bad, but there is nothing that exciting about it either. One thing I will say though – I use this every morning and no matter what I do the pump always gets clogged, which is a massive bug bear of mine and I can just see myself getting fed up with it at some point. I also don’t think there is currently a night cream version of this and I prefer to buy my moisturisers in pairs as much as possible. Would I repurchase? Possibly, if I get a bit nostalgic and start longing for some Latvian products in my life.



MV Organic Skincare Gentle Cream Cleanser (£35.50/70ml) – I’m currently alternating between this and the Foreo Luna Play. It’s definitely a very gentle cleanser and I tend to use it on days when I’m not wearing a full face of makeup. It has a consistency of a moisturiser and it feels like it’s trying to absorb in my skin a bit which I’m not sure is necessarily a good thing. I use two pumps for each cleanse so I think it will run out fairly quickly. Not sure whether I would repurchase at this point.

Foreo Luna Play (£29.00) – I’m a big fan of my Clarisonic Mia 2 but I’m trying out the Foreo’s offering this month to see how these two compare. A full review will be up next month so I won’t go in-to too much detail now.

Bioderma Micelle Solution (£10.50/250ml) – I use this to remove my eye and lip makeup before going in with one of the above cleansers. I’ve tried a few other alternatives on the market but I always end up going back to this one. It doesn’t sting or irritate my skin and it’s very effective for removing waterproof makeup.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye (£25.50/15ml) – I’ve tried so many different eye creams over the last few years and with majority of them it’s pretty hard to say whether they’re doing anything or not, but with this one I have definitely noticed an improvement. It brightens up my under-eyes and helps to get rid of the tiny little dehydration lines in the corners of my eyelids. It’s perfect for my current skincare needs.

Ren V-Cense Revitalising Night Cream (full size £32.00/50ml) – I’ve previously gone through a full size of this product and I really enjoy using it. It’s a very lightweight cream (it has almost whipped consistency) but it kind of feels very rich at the same time if that makes sense. It gives a decent amount of moisture and feels very comfortable and calming on the skin. A possible repurchase.

Extra steps


Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Peel (£77.00/16 treatments) – I wrote about this in my Top 10 Products of 2016 post. I absolutely love it! It’s the one skincare product that I would find the hardest to give up. The first time I used it I noticed an instant difference – it just made everything about my skin better. It softens my skin, smooths the texture and gets rid of any dry patches. It has become a standard that I compare all my other skincare products to. I use one pad once a week which I find is enough for my current skincare needs and it’s actually not that expensive for a retinol type product.

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask (£39.50/150ml) – again I use this once a week. You only need a tiny bit so it should last me ages. It’s like a gritty gel and you only need to keep it on for a few minutes, so I love how speedy this step is. It does sting quite a bit though, to the point where it can actually feel a bit painful especially within the first 30 seconds of application. First time I used it I thought I would be left with a full on chemical burn, but what I got instead was soft and very fresh feeling face without any redness whatsoever. The smell is quite strong, but if you like the whole pumpkin spice and gingerbread thing you’ll be fine with this.

Kypris Beauty Elixir I : 1000 Roses (£70.00/14ml) – I usually have an on-off relationship with facial oils. I either go through periods of using one every night or I can go for months without even touching one. At the moment I’m having a bit of an off phase so I use this only once a week. It’s what I would call an actual dry oil, it doesn’t leave my face greasy and it plumps my skin very nicely. It’s definitely the best facial oil I’ve used so far, but it’s just so expensive(!!) which makes me very hesitant to say whether I would repurchase. I’d have to go through the full bottle, see how long it lasts me and see whether I miss it once it’s gone.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment (£85.00/30ml) – I use this two to tree times a week. It gives instant results – overnight my skin is smoother, softer and clearer. It does have a slight sting to it so I always make sure I use a moisturiser on top. It is quite pricy but seeing the results I’m getting I’d be happy to repurchase.

So that rounds up all my current skincare routine. I would love to hear about your skincare staples, what are you currently using?